Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Religion of Peace

Once again we are being treated to some vivid examples of how the Religion of Peace is practiced. We have people who have murdered or attempted to murder dozens, if not hundreds, of innocent people demanding "their rights". These are the people who view all westerners as "Crusaders" who are determined to destroy Islam and crush all Muslims. These are the people who view the (disgraceful) partioning of the Ottoman Empire not as a political act by victors in a war but as an overt attempt to destroy Islam and to steal their riches. These are people whose education -- if they have any and many do not -- is totally overshadowed by their religion because they cannot (and do not) separate their religion from their daily lives. The countries that we see are actually artificial (not totally but mostly) and our idea of a government established independently from religion is not only foreign to them but it is a sign of our degradation.

It is difficult for most of us to grasp or understand how these people think, especially those who are educated and who have been exposed to the west. However, we must also remember that it wasn't too long ago that the West was engaged in numerous bloodthirsty wars between Catholics and Protestants waged by educated people and that Islam still lives in the 7th Century. These are people whose religion instructs them to kill infidels and their Imams drill this into their heads.

We are constantly being told that Islam is a religion of peace and that the Muslim Community condemns violence. I have yet to see or hear any strong voice of condemnation emmanting from the Muslim community. Instead I hear meek and mild protestations followed by the ubiquitous BUT -- that excuses and justifies horrific acts of violence because of the War in Iraq, the Palestinians, or whatever excuse is handy at the time. What is glossed over in the West is that these acts of violence have been going on for a very long time. The Muslims still think they should have Spain (screw El Cid, Charlemagne, and Roland), that they are entitled to revenge from the Crusades, and that they have a right to all of the Middle East, North Africa, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Afghanistan, Uzbechestan, Checnya, Pakistan, --- well the world. While accusing the West of being the instigators the Muslim community conveniently forgets that it was the Muslims who attacked Israel not vice versa. It was the Muslims who murdered Sadat, It was the Muslims who attacked America, It was Musims who murdered thousands in Iraq, and it is Muslims who are killing Muslims not the West.

Even within our own society we hear people like (traitor) Jane Fonda, calling for "peace" and understanding of the Palestinian position. First, in order to have peace you must have some one to negotiate with -- and that would be whom? Secondly, there must be some desire for peace but there has never been any indication that the Muslims have any desire for peace. What they desire is the complete desruction of Western Society, the death of all infidels, the establishment of Shar'ia Law, the destruction of Israel, and a return to herding goats.

It is time that we understand this is a WAR -- an unconventional one and one that has already been going on for more than 70 years and has every indication of going on for many more years. It has lasted this long because too many people make excuses, believe that Islam is peaceful, that we need to "understand" the Muslim position, and if we would just stop fighting and give them what they want, we would have peace. Unfortunately peace is not the absence of war, and there will be no peace in this war. This is war with no quarter given and it is a struggle to the death. It is a religious war and it the time is long past for us to understand that our adversaries want our totally destruction.

It is time to charge these Imams who preach violence with sedition, to deport Muslims who advocate violence, and to close any Mosque where hate and violence is preached. To a large extent what we are experiencing is the fruits of multi-culturalism. This is a philosophy that divides and prevents assimilation. If these people are not assimilated or refuse to be assimilated then we have seeds of civil war.