Friday, June 09, 2006

What Is Going ON?

Up until now I have tried to keep this impersonal and focused on general topics of interest -- primarily to me but I think for others as well. However, recent events have left me personally frustrated and wondering if I am crazy or has the world gone bonkers.

I saw an article regarding the "Ferberization" of a baby!! Apparently parents today have no idea how to raise a baby, instead they must buy books and prowl the internet looking for the proper techniques -- to do what? Raise the perfect baby? Gain confidence ?? Gain confidence in what? Raising a baby isn't that hard!! Have these people never heard of parents and grandparents? I think the current crop of parents were raised using Dr. Spock who was a certified nutcake and whose techniques have largely been disproven and the actions of these Spock babies seem to bear that out. Jeeze -- make a personal decision and take some personal responsibility!!

Then we have these conspiracy idiots!! The most recent -- and I couldn't believe my ears -- came from Michael Berg -- father of Nick Berg -- who maintains that killing Zarqawi was "wrong" because violence begets violence and President Bush is determined to keep this war alive because he is committed to violence and terror. This position was supported by some democratic congressman who maintained that killing Zarqawi was a "political stunt". Are these people real? Has their hatred so blinded them that they can no longer think clearly?

Now we have a great brouhaha over "gay marriage". First off -- marriage is a sacred ceremony that is religious . I think any and every religious group has the right to deny marriage to anyone whom they feel is inappropriate for their religion. However, the state does not have the right to not unite two people in a civil union that provides them the same legal protections as a formal religious marriage ceremony. I simply fail to see the problem.

Next I see the ongoing discussion of circumcision as a practice being foisted onto parents by Jewish doctors. This is so ridiculous that it is hard to even address. This is a sanitary process that is very beneficial and provides some protection against veneral disease and AIDS. Most American men are circumcised and it is something that should continue for hygenic reasons.

Tied to this is the issue of boxer shorts versus briefs. This got started back when some self-proclaimed expert determined that men who wore briefs were less fertile than men who wear boxers (or go commando). Immediately the style went from briefs to boxers without regard for any negative affect wearing boxers over a long period might entail. Of course boxers are uncomfortable and you see guys constantly pulling at themselves because they bunch up. Of course the fashion guru's moved to "boxer briefs" which provide the worst of both styles, but style and comfort really isn't the point. The reality is that gravity brings problems to women's breasts as they age giving them sagging boobs. In a few years we will be treated to a growing number of men whose testicles have sagged to mid-thigh making any underwear uncomfortable. The price of fashion is sometimes paid in the future.

Next on my list of fashion statements is the dumb idea that men with a two day grow of beard are somehow attractive -- attractive to whom? I see guys in the movies who start with stubble -- go for extended periods of time without any noticeable change. These guys look unclean and it makes you want to stand away from them just in case they haven't bathed -- they certainly haven't shaved. I have asked a number of women about this fashion and they universally disliked it.

Oh well -- I have other things on my mind today.