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God And Creation

The march of science continues unabated and Quantum Physics continues toward its seemingly inexorable conclusion that God not only exists but is the Creator of all. Of course this is not now nor has it ever been either the intent or the objective of science or its acolytes. When asked these scientists will answer that they are simply seeking the truth, which without doubt they are, but alas this quest for truth seems to be forcing them into a position that many find untenable. There seems to be a general consensus now that the “Big Bang” did in fact initiate the universe, which has expanded from a point no larger than the period at the end of this sentence to the universe as we see it today. The universe is expanding and the galaxies fartherest away accelerate to beyond the speed of light – ultimately to disappear.

Scientists understand what happened in the first trillionth of a second following the “Big Bang” and understand the creation of space and mass. They can explain how atoms were created, the formation of the elements, the stars and the planets. In short – science feels comfortable that they understand the formation and mechanics of the universe following the Big Bang, but there is only one small and insignificant detail that constitutes the bug in this magnificent ointment and that is that small little dot – that insignificant little bundle that represented the total energy and space of the entire universe. Where did it come from? Where precisely was it located since the Big Bang also created space as well as energy and mass. This niggling little dot represents an enormous stumbling block to science because something must have triggered the Big Bang and created that little dot. Of course the obvious answer is God and some scientists are increasingly coming to the realization that there is no other explanation to this conundrum other than a divine one. And this places us square in the realm of religion, philosophy, and metaphysics. Once you leave the world of physics and science behind you move into the world of the Bible, the Vedas, the Kabbalah, and various mystics and philosophers. From these sources the creation of the universe and the creation of all living things seems to have followed this course.

In the beginning there was nothing not even the consciousness of God, then God stirred and became aware. This awareness was the “I am that I am” and once God was aware that he was he chose to create companions. In a great burst of energy God created all of the souls and these were his companions whom he gave his power and free will so they would be true companions. But eternity – even with God – is a long time so God created the Earth and placed living things on it for the amusement of his companions.

The Book of Enoch clearly states that God created the world out of nothing, he created the heavens and angelic hosts, and that God created the souls of men before the foundation of the Earth. The Book Enoch was not included in the Bible for many unknown reasons but speculation is that his description of the Fallen Angels was so shocking to the Bishops that canonized the Bible that they declared it heresy. Unfortunately Enoch’s description parallels the description offered by mystics and psychics (i.e. Edgar Cayce). The souls began to watch the Earth and the animals and some desired to experience what they saw the animals experiencing so they would enter the bodies of the animals and then withdraw, but gradually these souls became entangled in the bodies through the material experience. Because these souls became trapped on the Earth God created man, but these were the first men. Enoch describes that Angels married women from these first men and begat giants. These were the fallen Angels described by Enoch.

At this point things get a little confused because some have interpreted these “giants” to be the dinosaurs of the Mesozoic, others have taken this literally to mean “giants” like we see in the various fairy tales and legends. It is worth noting that the Titans of Greek Mythology were also giants. But others think (e.g. Cayce) that these early men lay with animals and begat the monstrosities we seen in legend and myth. These were the Centaurs, the Fauns, the Satyrs, and the other half man half animals described in various cultures around the world. Nevertheless it is these first men that were destroyed in the Flood and the source of the wives for Cain and Abel. Once God destroyed these first men he then created the perfect man – Adam and the first woman – Eve.

To return to the beginning for a moment, science has a rather complete understanding of the creation after the Big Bang but they are snagged on the problem of where that pesky dot came from, there remains another problem just as large and that is the origin of life. Current thinking is that somehow various amino acids got together and formed self-replicating cells and from this sprang all life. Essentially Darwin is correct and from these simple cells evolution (defying the laws of entropy) created all of the life forms on Earth. Unfortunately there is a small problem and that is what is known as the Cambrian Explosion. While the Pre-Cambrian is characterized by simple life forms like worms and pond scum, the Cambrian is suddenly alive with many complex life forms, complete with eyes, skeletons, sex, and complicated lives. This pattern continues throughout the Geologic Ages as various species simply appear without any known precursors.

Paleontologists are attempting to answer these problems with ever more complicated theories in an attempt to prove Darwin is right and Evolution is the answer to life on Earth. They might be right but so far it looks like God might have had a hand in it. The origin of the Universe and the origin of Life may forever be hidden from us, but it is very difficult to explain our world and the universe without incorporating God We are told that God created man in his image and if this is so, then I think Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best “Man is a God in ruins”.

To read Enoch try the following link.

The Book of Enoch

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Anonymous said...

Effect certainly begs the question of cause. Effects as grand as those seen in our macro-world (e.g. the universe) and our micro-world (e.g. DNA) would seem to argue for a supremely intelligent, powerful and purposeful Cause.

Enjoyed your article.