Friday, February 04, 2005

Facts and Beliefs

There is a very large group of people in this country who are labeled as “Liberals” who are actually a collection of pseudo-intellectuals that are convinced they are much smarter than the average bear and thus are the self-appointed nannies that we all obviously need. These are the people who have substituted their beliefs for empirical data and are determined to act on their beliefs regardless of the cost to the rest of us because those who disagree with them are too stupid to understand and the stupidity of this mass of ignoramuses is demonstrated by the election of that moron – George Bush. So those whom we view as “Liberals” are in fact wine-sipping, latte drinking, self-appointed nannies who feel rather than think and who are determined to take of us and to this end I submit the following:

Global Warming
The glaciers are shrinking, the temperature is rising, the world as we know it is ending and it is all because of the Industrialized Nations, especially the United States. The only solution is to sign the Kyoto Treaty and allow all of those third world nations to rape the United States and to destroy the techno-terrorism practiced by the Neo-imperialistic United States. This is the belief – Global Warming exists – when there is actually no empirical proof and dozens of reputable scientists say it is hogwash. Furthermore, the global climate has shifted and changed, waxed and waned throughout geological time.

When I was in college (studying Earth Science) evolution was viewed as a “Theory” that grew out of the Theory of Uniformitarianism as stated by Charles Lyell. While it is a plausible theory it really hasn’t been demonstrated. The examples offered are always the same but these are actually illustrations of adaptation rather than evolution. So the belief is that Evolution is real and thus the belief is now taught in schools as fact when in fact it isn’t proven. There has never been an example of one species becoming another. Apes are apes and cannot mate with dogs and men are men and cannot mate with apes. While the Nannies would like for us to believe we have evolved from apes they cannot demonstrate that with any empirical evidence whatsoever and to point to a bone fragment and state that this is an early ancestor of man is a belief and not a fact.

Man is Slime Derived
There is no God and humans evolved from some primordial slime. – that is the belief and this is what is being taught in schools even though there is no proof. The fact is everything in the universe is made up of protons, electrons, and neutrons. Each and every one of these is identical to every other one and everything in the universe is made up of some combination of these – from microbes to man -- so if this is true then why does some combination of these universal particles think and move and some don’t? The fact is that what causes life is unknown so the schools are teaching a belief rather than a fact.

Gender is Irrelevant
The belief of the Nannies is that little girls can grow up to be fierce warriors and boys can grow up to be sensitive nurturing stay-at-home dads. Armed with this belief the Nannies are now determined to confuse everyone by insisting that the schools show boys as weak and ineffectual and girls as strong and capable. The facts here aren’t quite that clear. Anyone who has ever had children knows that from the outset boys and girls are different. Anyone who observes nature knows that gender roles are specific and inbred. Females nurture and males protect – this is the way it is. Females in nature will always select the strongest, biggest, and fiercest male as their mate, ignoring the weaker ones. The feminist movement can try to reverse this and they can insist their belief in gender neutrality is taught in school but when women decide to choose a husband they do not select the weak, weeping, limp-wristed, males – they look for men who are strong, capable, intelligent, and able to protect them and their children. That is the fact.

And of course the list goes on and on and includes foods, smoking, cholesterol, poverty, crime, and virtually anything else that the Nannies feel they need to do to protect the ignorant from making bad choices. Everyone is a victim and no one is responsible – feelings are more important than facts. We can no longer keep score for fear some one will lose and in losing they will lose their self-esteem. The fact that self-esteem is created by winning totally escapes the Nannies, they focus on the feelings of the losers.

So as a society we think we are seeing political liberals but what we are actually seeing is a bunch of self-anointed Nannies determined to take care of us.

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