Saturday, March 12, 2005

SecDef or SecDum?

You really begin to wonder how this country is able to attract even the weakest, dumbest, and shallowest people into public service considering how they are treated by media. It is unlikely even Caesar’s wife could withstand the scrutiny. From the time their name enters the realm of possibility their background, associates, bank accounts, personal lives, tax records, and any and all aspects of their lives both public and private are combed through from birth. When confronted with the question if they (the media) could withstand that sort of investigation, they always reply with the smarmy phrase “I’m not running for office” or “the public has a right to know”. I have noticed that the public’s right to know stops short of impacting any left leaning activist, traitor , anti-capitalist, or anti-American.

The latest example of the public’s right to know, as envisioned by the New York Times, are the recent candidates for judgeships. It seems that one of them “horrors!!” failed to pay his dues to the Bar Association on time. Certainly that is a crime worth preventing an otherwise qualified candidate from being accepted and confirmed – but then he was nominated by that puppet of the Christian Evangelical’s – George Bush. Another candidate has had several of his decisions reversed, which proves that he not only doesn’t understand the law or constitution, he isn’t qualified to sit on the bench. Pardon me – you would think that if this were a criteria for demonstrating competence the NYT would have noticed the Ninth Circuit Court in California. That illustrious set of judges has been reversed so often you expect them to back into their courtroom. But then they really aren’t judges at all, they are the newest legislative arm of he liberal left supported by the liberal media – like the NYT—who view the Supreme Court as the incompetent ones because the Ninth Circuit has it right.

Now we are treated to the latest attack on SecDef Rumsfeld for his efforts to remold the American Military into a fighting force capable of fighting future wars. As I recall, the military has been attacked since the founding of the country for organizing to fight the last war better rather than organizing to fight the next war. Now, Rumfeld – demonstrating once again his total failure to listen to the liberal left or to heed the sage advice of the NYT, has the temerity to announce that he is reorganizing the military into a Netcentric fighting force, dependent on special forces, and capable of fighting the wars of the future. Wars that are fought by invisible enemies, enemies who don’t wear uniforms, who creep and crawl among those who hate the United States (read Ward Churchill, Jane Fonda, most of Hollywood, and the NYT) and who attack innocent civilians. Of course, those liberals who attack the President and SecDef Rumsfeld are quite open in their belief that there are no “innocent civilians” especially if they are Americans.

If this weren’t bad enough we find that Rumsfeld is being sued and attacked for “torturing” the prisoners in Cuba and violating the Geneva Convention. Pardon me but I guess there have been changes to the rules of engagement since I was in the military. I was always told that if you were caught in civilian clothes you could be summarily shot as a spy. It was necessary that you always have some segment of your uniform on your body even if it was worn under other clothing. These were the rules and to my knowledge these were the rules used by General George Washington when he hung Major Andre, who was caught out of uniform. Now let me see—exactly how many “insurgents” were caught wearing a uniform and don’t tell me they are too poor because the rules are a “uniform” can be as simple as an armband or kerchief, but they have to be worn as a method of identification. So how many of these simple Muslim peasants were caught in uniform – would NONE work for you? As far as I am concerned they could be and should be shot – that would eliminate the issue of torture.

But lets see, it really isn’t the Americans who are torturing these simple peace loving Muslim peasants who simply want the US to leave them alone (to torture, rape, and pillage is left unsaid by the critics), it is people in foreign countries and it was the CIA who turned them over to be tortured. However, that sort of puts the Americans into a dilemma because these are the prisoners that have been returned to their home countries, who merrily question them using the same techniques that they use on everyone. Well – the Americans shouldn’t have done that – well what should we have done? – freed them, given them political asylum, rearmed them, and wished them well in their peaceful pursuit of paradise? The entire situation is nothing short of contrived for the sole purpose of attacking the President and SecDef Rumsfeld.

It is a miracle that SecDef Runsfeld hasn’t just thrown in the sponge and walked off. The constant criticism must take its toll. We are lucky to have people like him and it is unfortunate that we have people like those who run the NYT and who teach in our universities.

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