Friday, July 14, 2006

Just The Facts Please

I have known for a long time that Democrats generally don’t think very clearly and that your typical Liberal is actually incapable of thought and relies, exclusively on feelings. Actually from my observation when a Liberal is confronted with a FACT, they roll their eyes, foam at the mouth, and curl into a fetal position, waiting to be comforted by some completely contrived refutation in that bastion of truth and probity – the New York Times. If I ever had any doubt about these conclusions they have been erased by the recent explanations found in all of the best Liberal outlets, explaining how the current economic growth is completely unrelated to any action(s) taken by the current administration. The greatly increased tax revenues and declining deficit is variously described as a “windfall”, an “anomaly”, or simply and unexplained economic aberration. The fact that historically – from the Roman Empire until today – tax reductions can be tied directly to economic growth and increased employment cannot be accepted by any Liberal because “facts” make them uncomfortable and in excess render them unconscious.

Just consider the many attacks on President Bush, Conservatives, Christians, and anyone else who the Liberal establishment feels is a threat to their feelings of entitlement and self-righteousness. The operative word there is “feels” because we already know that a Liberal can’t think and that all they do is “feel”, so we are treated to one outrageous attack after another none of which are supported by any facts. Of course the most egregious is “Bush lied” – but lied about what? Well WMD’s of course !! Oh – but Saddam gassed 30,000 Kurds and at least that many Iranians – aren’t those WMD’s ? Yes BUT – Saddam got rid of them so Bush lied about them. But they havn't they actually found artillery shells and other evidence of chemical weapons, plus documented evidence of ties to Al Qaeda? All forgeries according to the Liberal mantra that Bush lied and everyone knows it. But these realities are ignored by the Liberal establishment because they never deal in facts and they feel Bush lied, so it must be true. They also feel there is a huge conspiracy between the Administration and Halliburton so it must be true -- feelings don't lie -- at least not like Bush. However, my point here isn’t to defend the Administration but to examine how the Liberal mind works --- assuming of course they are capable of distinguishing something beyond light and dark.

I have observed that Liberals almost always talk in terms of groups, such as; the poor, the rich, the handicapped, the illiterate, the innocent, and the list is virtually endless, but what they don’t talk about are individuals. In fact your typical Liberal is all for higher taxes and demand that the Rich pay “their fair share”. Of course have you EVER heard a Liberal or even a Democrat for that matter – ever define what constitutes “rich” or who is “poor” or what a “fair Share”is? Of course you haven’t because in the eyes of a Liberal anyone who is gainfully employed is rich and the poor are all of their constituents who are sucking off of the rich. At this point it is necessary to distinguish between a Democrat and Liberal. Now both of these groups believe in Robin Hood economics – that is rob the rich and give to the poor but the difference is the Democrat is willing to leave the clothes on your back while the Liberal wants to take everything you have, including your underwear. This is the difference between the Democratic goal of income redistribution and the Liberal goal of total government control. To the Liberal this form of government control by them is is called “Democratic" to the rest of us it is called “Marxism” – which of course is a synonym for stupidity --- or is it Liberal – I forget.

Another favorite topic that gets the Liberals and the ACLU all in a snit are “rights”. In their eyes you have a right to a job – not just any job but a job that pays a “living wage”. But wait – what is a “living wage”? I casually observed earlier that this is a term that the Liberal never actually defines but apparently it is tied to many of your other “rights”. After all you have a right to an education, healthcare, and a place to live in addition to that fine job that pays the living wage. Apparently all of these rights are defined in the Constitution and must be provided by the government, but then unlike most Liberals (who feel rather than read), I have actually READ the Constitution of the United States of America and I couldn’t find any of these rights spelled out – even obliquely. But then I am speaking of “facts” once again and Liberals “feel” the Constitution defines these rights and if it doesn’t it should and that amounts to the same thing.

Thus the Liberal who talks about rights is actually saying that the government (them) is entitled – nay OBLIGATED – to force some entrepreneur (never use the word “capitalist” in the presence of a Liberal because they lose their focus, begin to pant, and finally faint) – to employ you and to pay you handsomely even though you are incapable of constructing an English sentence or even reading one. Relative to Healthcare every Liberal knows -- well feels -- certainly feels -- that doctors are simply greedy. Therefore, it is an obligation of the state to force these doctors to render their services and apply their hard earned knowledge to any Urban Outdoorsman (Homeless person to most Conservatives) free of charge. For a Liberal this “free” Healthcare is a right and the concept is lifted directly from Karl Marx, who in the eyes of a Liberal is the guiding light of economic reason and the future of mankind. The fact ---( oops there’s that four letter word again) – that Socialism is failing in Canada and Marxism has failed everywhere it has been tried is ignored. Liberals “feel” it is the right thing to do so it must be OK and no uncomfortable facts are allowed to intrude on their fantasy economics. Liberals essentially feel the government has the right to do whatever they feel is good for the group, which means that the Liberals believe that the state (them) has the right to take your property and turn it into a refuge for the Spotted Owl, to stamp out Christmas, kill off Santa Claus, convert everyone to atheism, and stamp out the Easter Bunny. Hopefully, the Tooth Fairy will lead a counter insurgency!! For the Liberal group rights ALWAYS trump individual rights, unless of course the group in question is a group they disapprove of -- say for instance the Catholic Church or the Boy Scouts. Liberals never speak in terms of individuals unless of course the individual is black, Hispanic, homeless, a convicted criminal, or gay. A Liberal would rather have their Peace Symbol Tattoo ripped off of their plump little rosy bottoms with burning tongs than to admit an individual (you) has a right to his private property. Supreme Court Justice David Souter has codified this belief in his decision to allow the state to take an individual's property and give it to a developer so the world can be enriched with another Tanning Booth, Wine Bar, and French Restaurant.

Of course the very favorite group of the Liberal is the Government. Liberals believe in government – lots of it—but not a representative government like we have today but a government controlled completely by them. The government we have today cannot possibly be a viewed as a representative government because it supports President Bush, has failed to indict Karl Rove, insists on lowering taxes, and has treated acts of war and war criminals with frightening hostility and HORRORS – taken action without UN approval. Because the Liberal is opposed to all of these things it is clear the Government has been infiltrated by NeoCon’s (where is Senator McCarthy when you need him? ) who are dismantling all of the Liberal gains since the Warren Court. Their only recourse is to attack, oppose, and obstruct everything these NeoCon’s undertake. I am reminded of a Bugs Bunny Cartoon with the Tasmanian Devil, where Bugs – as played by George Bush stands in place quietly munching his carrot while the Devil – aptly played by Howard (Mad Dog) Dean dashes about aimlessly attacking and destroying everything he can without actually accomplishing anything other than meaningless destruction. You doubt this picture—have you actually watched Mad Dog? He foams at the mouth and never says anything resembling a coherent thought – think about it --- he might actually be the Tasmanian Devil in disguise.

In the Liberal World (aka Fantasy Land) the Government not only creates jobs and assures the non-productive they can lead the good life at some one else’s expense, they believe they have the right to take property from greedy homeowners and convert it into needed strip malls and sanctuaries for the Furbish Lousewort. For the Liberal the Government is like a never ending money pump – after all the Government owns the Mint and can print all of the money necessary. I know, I know – that isn’t really how it works but no one ever accused a Liberal of having a strong grip on reality. I have actually come to the conclusion that if you want to become a certified liberal like Michael (the Whale) Moore you can’t think or even feel but you must BELIEVE – HALLELUJAH BROTHER!!. You cannot rationalize or reflect but you must believe that anyone who thinks that there is such a thing as individual rights or that George Bush is actually human is an evil NEOCON!! . You must believe that Karl Rove does not have an office with a computer but lives in cave with a cauldron, where he casts spells on unsuspecting voters using the eyes of Newts and sucking out the brains of people who would otherwise be voting for Liberals rather than that idiot in the White House. They sincerely believe that if you need proof of the evil machinations of Karl Rove you need only look at the Fox News Channel – they must have been hexed because they don’t regard Cindy Sheehan as the modern equivalent of Joan of Arc. Indeed the Great Satan IS Karl Rove –although he seems a little pudgy to me to be all that scary, but then your typical Liberal is terrified of being FAT, which is why they are on this Crusade to reduce fat in all food, bankrupt McDonalds, Coca Cola, and take as much taste out of food as they can. Unfortunately in their drive to rid the world of FAT they overlooked FAT HEADEDNESS which they seem to have more than their share. They really need more fiber in their diet.

In their drive to establish their Utopian egalitarian society the Liberal establishment is especially concerned about criminal justice. Of course in the eyes of a true dyed in the wool Liberal like John Kerry or Teddy Kennedy criminal justice means justice for the criminal not his victims. Criminals are entitled to a free college education, free medical treatment, cable TV, and privacy. Prisons should be made as comfortable as possible. Because to a Liberal prisoners should not be punished but should be rehabilitated and released as soon as possible back into society, where the majority will only murder every now and then. And of course these prisoners are entitled to conjugal visits- assuring the enduring existence of the criminal class, and their re-election.

When you or I see a prisoner at the bar, we see a person accused of a crime – some one who may or may not be innocent. The Liberal looks at the prisoner at the bar and sees a Black (Hispanic, Gay, Latvian, Vegetarian, etc.) who has been accused of a crime through the prejudice and misconduct of the police or the white establishment. The fact that the prisoner was caught red handed standing over the body of 90 year old woman who he has raped and stabbed 104 times cannot be admitted in court because the Police didn’t read him his rights in his native Ebonics. Your typical Liberal KNOWS that this prisoner at the bar wouldn’t have assaulted this poor widow if he hadn’t suffered at the hands of the White Establishment who have oppressed him. He is suffering from post-traumatic stress brought on by the cultural damage wrought by slavery, poverty, or lack of education. Liberals are long on beliefs and feelings but very short on facts and commonsense. Did I forget to mention the Liberal’s take on victims of crime? Let me check my notes here --- Hmmm – well yes I think I did – and here it is. Liberals think victims of crime should have taken more precautions and that about sums up their concern for victims.

So there it is – a description of the Liberal establishment -- a group seemingly devoid of honor, intelligence, or rational thought. A group personified by Mad Dog and the Whale. Another election is coming up – hopefully the electorate will have been purged of enough of the illegal aliens to allow the citizens to elect a representative government once again.

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