Thursday, May 10, 2007

Are Liberals Literate

Is it my imagination or has the Political Left gone completely crazy? I read books, think about what they say, then comment, but from my recent observations this is not how the Political Left operates. It seems that they look at the author and then dismiss the book as trash without ever actually reading it, if you doubt this look at the reviews on Amazon. You will notice that any book written by any known Conservative like Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, or Bernard Goldberg is automatically trashed. Even books written by recognized authorities but whose contents do not follow the revealed wisdom of the left, are also dismissed as trash by Liberal reviewers who did not actually read the book. Apparently Liberals know how to write but have not mastered the art of reading and certainly have not mastered the art of critical thinking.

Another example of the inability of the Political Left to grasp or even understand an alternative point of view is their attitude about Fox News. Ask any of the Political Left if they watch Fox News and their automatic response – once they have caught their breath and wiped the froth from their mouth – is of course not!! It is simply a Conservative Propaganda machine whose motto of “Fair and Balanced” is a joke. Apparently, these same people view NBC, CBS, PBS, and ABC as voices that provide the only real truth about those idiots in the White House. What is really interesting is that you never see any real Conservative voice on any of these networks, whereas, Fox makes a real effort to give the Political Left a voice. However, most of the more radical lefties won’t appear on Fox News – why is that? The only logical conclusion is that they and their political beliefs cannot withstand scrutiny.

In fact on close examination it seems that the Political Left is short on facts and long on beliefs, it is sort of a faith based political party bordering on a religion. For example, the current flap over Global Warming is being pushed very heavily by the Liberals, ignoring the positions of real Climatologists and their facts. They confuse the undisputed event – Global Warming – with the very disputed cause – Human activity. Then the Liberals rage on and on about Evolution and the Yahoos who insist on viewing this as a Theory rather than a fact. Any one who questions Evolution as a fact is immediately labeled a “Creationist” and relegated to the nether world ignoramus, in spite of the growing evidence that Evolution as described is not totally accurate. Clearly it is OK to believe in Evolution because this means you have “faith” in science but not OK to doubt it because this means you have placed your faith in religion, God, or even in some agnostic system requiring empirical proof.

This contempt for empirical data seems to lie at the very heart of Faith Based Liberalism. Rachel Carson wrote a book titled “Silent Spring” that postulated that the widespread use of DDT was killing the environment. Carson had no credentials and her book and its conclusions were later to proven to be totally false – in effect a hoax, but that book drove the banning of DDT – worldwide. J. Gordon Edwards a Professor of Biology at San Jose State would actually eat spoonfuls of DDT to prove it was not harmful to humans much less animals. In spite of all of the empirical evidence to the contrary DDT remains banned and is costing millions of people their lives due to the resurgence of Malaria, which was almost wiped out from the usage of DDT. Liberals distrust facts and empirical evidence that challenges any of their beliefs. In effect the Liberal establishment places their faith in the unsupported conclusions of a woman dying of cancer who arbitrarily blamed her cancer on DDT to the scientific evidence indicating she didn’t know what she was talking about. To the Liberal mind – people are less important than the environment.

Perhaps a more recent egregious example of Liberalism at work is the recent case of the three Duke University Lacrosse Players, who were accused of raping a black – exotic dancer. Even in the face of documented evidence that cast doubt on this accusation from the very outset, eighty eight Professors (Liberals and Marxists) held public lynching of these young men’s reputations. Those professional racists Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, raced to site to mug before the TV cameras and accuse the failure to immediately put these boys into jail as an example of the rampant racism prevalent at Duke University. As we now know these boys were totally innocent and falsely accused and their crime was being white and their greatest was having rich parents. Now that these young men have been declared innocent Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have vanished from the scene, never offering any apology, or retracting any of their accusations. The Liberal Professors who raced to condemn these young men without a trial and in the face of evidence that they were falsely accused, have yet to offer any apology. The reality is that the Political Left relies entirely on emotion and a belief system that Western Civilization, White People, the Military, Christianity, and above all Conservatives are evil and any evidence to the contrary is simply ignored because Liberals have Faith in the essential rightness of their position and reject any fact that doesn’t support their beliefs.

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