Tuesday, January 01, 2008

God Versus Dawkins v2

In a search of the various atheist sites I was unable to find any proof or demonstration that God does not exist. It seems that the atheists among us are driven by a rock hard belief that God does not exist and a faith in themselves and science that certainly meets if not exceeds the faith of those who do believe in God. What is interesting is how these alleged scientists not only fail to prove their allegation that God does not exist they simply branch off into completely irrelevant points and arguments. For example we have the following quote from the High Priest of the Darwinian faith – Richard Dawkins:

"Paranormal phenomena have a habit of going away whenever they are tested under rigorous conditions. This is why the $740,000 reward of James Randi, offered to anyone who can demonstrate a paranormal effect under proper scientific controls, is safe."Richard Dawkins

This is a rather typical refutation of God as mounted by the Atheists. Here we have Dawkins equating God to Fortune Tellers, Psychic Phenomena, and other paranormal actions. He cites the well known iconoclast James Randi as an authority while simply ignoring the various experiments and tests of paranormal abilities that illustrate that there is some validity to these claims but no solid proof that the results are the result of some paranormal ability. Hence the conclusion is that any belief in God is akin to a belief in ghosts and thus unfounded and fake. It should be noted that Dawkins takes the position that God doesn’t exist and His existence cannot be proven through any rigorous scientific process and is equated to other paranormal phenomena which is also false, if not down right fake. When this same rigor is applied to Darwinism Dawkins – like his fellow practitioners – simply fall back on adaptation and their faith that science will eventually be able to explain these anomalies. They demand that others prove God exists while not demanding that same level of proof for Darwinism.

As an example Dawkins ties evolution to DNA as we see in this quote taken from an interivew:

I think that something very special happens in the universe, when a self-replicating entity, which DNA is -- DNA is probably not the only one, but DNA is the self-replicating entity that we know. When that comes into existence, then there is a whole new game that starts. Before that, you had just physics; you have molecules bumping around, forming new molecules according to the ordinary laws of chemistry. Once, by those ordinary laws of chemistry, a molecule springs into existence which is self-replicating, then immediately you have the possibility for Darwinism, for natural selection to occur.

This actually represents the core belief to the atheists and that is that following the Big Bang the Universe was filled with protons, electrons, and neutrons that sort of randomly collided with each other and formed things like hydrogen, oxygen, and other more complex molecules until eventually – through random chance – they formed a “self-replicating” molecule. Of course he doesn’t call James Randi to verify this claim because it cannot be duplicated under laboratory conditions. In fact this claim falls into the same realm as all of those monkeys hammering away on typewriters until they reproduce all of the works of Shakespeare. The probabilities here probably favor the monkeys.

But when challenged, Dawkins – resorts to that age old response – the ad hominem attack which we see in this quote from the same interview:

"You cannot be both sane and well educated and disbelieve in evolution. The evidence is so strong that any sane, educated person has got to believe in evolution. Now there are plenty of sane, educated, religious people: there are professors of theology, and there are bishops ... and so obviously they all believe in evolution or they wouldn't have gotten where they have because they would be too stupid or too ignorant. So, it is a fact that there are evolutionists who are religious and there are religious people who are evolutionists"

His statement of fact of course is really just his opinion and not an opinion shared by very many people including scientists, which he kindly acknowledges. However, he arrogantly concludes that these people must believe in Evolution because they could not have risen to their positions in life without believing in it. The flaw here is that Dawkins cannot separate his blind faith in Evolution from his blind faith that there is no God – He cannot or does not separate adaptation from Evolution but uses demonstrated adaptation as evidence that God is not involved in creation without actually offering any proof that Evolution is responsible for speciation outside of chance. He does acknowledge that there are people who believe in God as well as Evolution, but he is not one of them because he has faith in science and rejects the mere idea of a God. In fact he believes that any person capable of thought and education cannot logically reject evolution (which he confuses with adaptation) or believe in God without being an ignoramus.

But in a breathtaking display of egotism, arrogance,and overweening self-confidence, Dawkins basically says that he is RIGHT and anyone who disagrees with him is WRONG. This is a vivid example of the open-mindedness one observes in academia today.

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