Friday, October 29, 2010

Obama & Racism

I continue to be amazed how the mainstream media continues to ignore or gloss over the blatant racism and incompetence of Obama and his entire administration. This man has made sure his thin track record is kept in the background and that his early years and writings are kept secret – literally secret. He has never published his master’s thesis and his records at Harvard are kept sealed. He was editor of the Harvard Review – a prestigious position that usually goes to the most promising law student based on their writings but none of Obama’s articles or writings have ever been made public. This is a point totally ignored by the media as they publish paean after paean to America’s first black president. Of course on inspection the color of his skin seems to be his only qualification. Apparently only white folks can be racist because the media has systematically failed to exposed the racism expressed by Obama – racism that would have led to outrage had these things been said and done by a white conservative.

For example Obama spent 20 years attending the Church of Reverend Wright a blatant racist. The media took note of this then simply glossed over it as if it had no bearing on Obama. Of course the fact that he spent 20 years attending that church means either he agreed with the Reverend or he didn’t. If he didn’t then he is a hypocrite and if he did then he is a racist – something the media just ignored. Then during his campaign he referred to his grandmother as a “typical white person”. Had any white person referred to him as a typical black person they would have immediately been branded as a racist bigot but not Obama. Once again the media gave him a pass because they seem to be unable to see this man for what he is – a racist given the highest job in the land with no qualifications whatsoever.

But once in office Obama has continued to demonstrate his racism because when a white police officer doing his duty and acting in accordance with approved procedure arrested a black professor, Obama immediately charged the police officer for acting stupidly and being a racist. This led to his patronizing and condescending “beer summit” apparently on the premise that no white police officer would know how to behave in the White House. Then when the black panthers were charged with voter intimidation he kept his Justice Department from investigating or taking any action. Clearly when the action is white on black it is racism and should be condemned but when it is black on white then Obama does not see that as racist – blatant hypocrisy and racism on his part once again.

Now in a recent speech Obama made to a group of Latino’s – some of whom I’m sure were in this country legally – he stated that Republicans should be sent to the “back of the bus” and then referred to the American Public as “our enemies” -- placing himself as a minority opposed to the white majority. Never in the history of the country has any major politician ever referred to the American people as his “enemy”. This President is a racist that is aided and abetted by a slavish and politically correct media. This is a man who is an internationalist who believes in World Government. He clearly sees the role of government as being paramount to the people’s wishes and that it is the role of government to rule over the people not to govern at the will of the people.

This President is a person who has never held a real job, never met a payroll, and never had to show a profit. He seems to think that the money he so freely spends comes from the mint and not from the people. He has no grasp of practical economics or business. He has been educated by Marxists, socialists, and left wing academics. He has surrounded himself with more incompetent and inexperienced people than any president in our history. He is not just incompetent and a racist, he is an embarrassment.


Anonymous said...

In Nevada, the gop put up an ad that urged Latinos not to vote at all in protest of something (I don't remember what that "something" was). The ad was found so obvious in intent and offensive by the public that it was quickly removed. you people are so desperate to remove the racism you showed for two years to pin anything he saids as "racist" since when was republican a race?

Royce said...

I just knew that I would get a response out of some liberal who cannot handle the truth. The fact remains that Obama is a RACIST. He attended a racist black liberation church for 20 years. He did in fact say the Republicans should move to the back of the bus, he did not restrict his enemies comment to Republicans, he has not taken any action against the black panthers, ACORN finally collapsed uner scrutiny but he did nothing to investigate their blatant voter fraud, his SEISU supporters resemble the Brown Shirts of Hitler. Of course right now the liberals are trying to make it legal for non-citizens to vote. Obama must go.

Anonymous said...

Once again, you conservatives have deliberately distorted the truth. President Obama NEVER made any reference to a bus.

Back in May, the President said this about Republicans: "After they drove the car into the ditch, made it as difficult as possible for us to pull it back, now they want to keys back. No! You can’t drive. We don’t want to have to go back into the ditch. We just got the car out."

Nothing racist whatsoever about that comment. No "reference to Jim Crow laws." As the article noted, the President merely used the same metaphor again.

I find it interesting that black Republicans are whining about something that never happened, but happily look the other way when white Republicans make racist remarks.

Typical right-winger claiming to speak the truth when in fact you're posting lies. Obama is not a racist and the only racists around are those who twist ANYTHING the President says and turn it into a phony racist attack to erase THEIR own racism that they showed for two years.

Royce said...

It's work noting that this posting is "annonymous" and that the poster is in denial regarding what Obama does and says. The car is in the ditch because the Congress and Obama put it there. Remember that the Democrats took control in 2007. Is Obama a racist? His actions and the secrecy surrounding his Harvard writings plus 20 years with Rev Wright lead to that as a logical conclusion