Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Notes on Anti-Americanism

So the world is anti-America(n) and has been that way since the beginning of what? The War in Iraq? WWII ? WWI? Korea? Try forever!. Presumably this is some sort of a newsflash to our friends in the left wing media or perhaps it is just stating the obvious with a sense of discovery, but think about it. The people who came to America couldn't stand the oppression, classism, and intrusive governments of Europe initially and now these governments are everywhere. The people who remained were either afraid to leave or liked the status quo. Those that left were doomed to failure because they gave up security, relatives, and civilization, but damn their eyes they succeeded. Worse, they became rich in the process, established a meritocracy, and looked to the future with the expectation that everything would get better and better. A foolish expectation from a bunch of unrefined, uncultured, yahoo's, but once again they confounded their European cousins.

The Europeans then as now, look backward and dwell on their past rather than looking forward to the future. They regard themselves as cultured and refined and view every broken down building and infernal cobblestone as having historical significance. They view their government as responsible for their well being. Contrast that to America where everyone is entitled to "the pursuit of happiness". The distinction is sharp-- here each person is personally responsible for their happiness and well being while Europeans depend on their governments. Americans work while Europeans relax as they sink into oblivion and sap their governments revenues in welfare programs, while Americans spend money like there is no tomorrow. The relationship between work and wealth is largely lost on our detractors who take a very narrow view of the world. We send money in great gobs to other countries while the Europeans send as little as possible. We are actually more internationalist than they are but they prate and prance and wave their multi-lingual abilities about as an example of their "internationalism" while accusing Americans as being ignorant mono-lingual isolationist, arrogant boors. Our mono-lingual status being cited as an example of our arrogance. What is missed is that they are multi-lingual because each little country has their own language and they communicate in American English because they are too arrogant to communicate in other languages if they can avoid it. Try getting a Frenchman to speak German or English. So their view of "internationalism" is really very narrow and they devote little time or attention to the plagues and problems of the world other than to talk about it. So there is widespread anti-American attitudes and the question is why? It seems obvious to me, we are rich, powerful, and successful. We dominate the worlds of sports, business, technology, economics, science and politics. We practically own the Nobel Academy. Everyone wants us to fail just because we are so successful. It is a classic case of tearing someone down in order to raise yourself up. The very measure of our success is in the universality of English as a language. This in particular drives the French nuts because the Lingua franca of the world has ceased to be French and has become English, worse English words are creeping into the French Language so they have established a "language police", without recognizing the hilarity and futility of it. Europeans are pure blood while Americans are mongrels and our language isn't pure but a polyglot of words that we fold into our everyday use with gay abandon, words like Sushi, `elan, patio, burrito, Tsunami, Karma, etc. Americans cannot be distinguished by appearance because we come in all sizes, flavors, and colors. We speak all languages, including English. We accept everyone and expect everyone to carry their own weight and the vast majority do, this is what makes us strong and successful to the chagrin of our European cousins, who accept no one. You could live in France for 30 years, change citizenship, and still not be "French" -- only in America is it possible to become a real "American" Only the Brits accept us -- admittedly with a little jealousy -- but they are staunch allies. But what of the rest of world?America bestrides the world like a colossus and we are viewed as neo-colonists, arrogant, and evil but the average American doesn't know why. We like everyone else want to be liked but we really miss the point. We are conquering the world without intending to because we bring the idea of self-determination, freedom, and our open culture, which the Europeans view as "non-culture". We are capitalists in a world of socialists, but our real crime is the crime of self-determination. Americans are free to be Muslim but they are also free to be Christian. The Muslims are not attacking India and Hindu's because the Hindu's are not everywhere on the planet via satellite. Also the Hindu's aren't any better off than the Muslims, but Americans are rich -- very rich and Christian. Worse, we are also free and it is this freedom that is a threat. Islam makes no distinction between God and State. Islam is where Christianity was in 1500, they are 500 years behind the times. We are in a life and death struggle with Islam and getting very little help from Europe. The Europeans are jealous of our success and feel we need a comeuppance, the Muslims simply want to destroy us for our evil ways and the Europeans fully intend to standby while that happens. What they don’t realize is that the only thing that stands between them and a second dark age is the United States.

What's the solution? Keep working, keep being successful, and keep our Army strong because that is all that stands between us and barbarism. The Europeans don’t see this because they still believe that if they don’t fight they will be safe. They have fallen into the fallacious thinking that peace is the absence of war. This mistake is something that every power hungry barbarian has relied on since the beginning of time. What the Europeans fail to realize is that none of them have ever successfully waged a war or a peace. Since the Roman Empire, only America has been able to achieve victory on the battlefield and whether we will be able to maintain it is very problematic.

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