Saturday, October 02, 2004

Some Observations

I saw the trailer for the movie "The Aviator" yesterday. This movie stars Leonardo Di Caprio as Howard Hughes but Di Caprio can't act -- never could act. He makes Al Gore look dynamic and exciting. It is astonishing how an "actor" can never show any expression at all. He looks like he has facial paralysis. However, apparently a lot of people think his pretty face makes up for his almost total lack of talent.

The first debate is over thank God -- I'm completely sick and tired of this election already. Kerry is a nitwit and power hungry opportunist devoid of any real conviction about anything other than himself. But here again there are a lot of people who see him as the anti-Bush and seem to think that is important. Very weird in my book.

Apparently the Army has decided to finally move against the Islamic murderers in Samarra and hopefully the rest of the Sunni strongholds aren't far behind. What seems to have gone unnoticed is that there was a deputation of 19 civic leaders from Samarra who were pleading with the Iraqi government and the US Army to entger the city and throw these criminals out. Of course this is an important factor that is ignored by the elite media. Reuters in particular (like most Europeans) is so terrified of being attacked by these murderers that they won't say anything that might possibly offend them. The press did report that someone (read Sunni's) blew up a Shi'ite Mosque in Pakistan yesterday. The liberals of course see this as evidence of escalating violence and proof that "we are losing the war on terror". While it does show an increasing level of violence from a military stand point it also shows their growing weakness. They (the murderers) are attacking anyone who disagrees with them and are being forced to attack softer and softer targets -- Mosques and children. This position regarding their weakness is further bolstered by the recent blatherings of Ayman Sawahiri calling for all Muslims to rise up against the Crusaders even if their leaders are killed. To me this shows that we are having an impact on them across the board.

We are in World War III and have been for 25 years and this could easily go on for another 25 years. It is religious in origin and it represents the thousand year old struggle between the Shia and the Sunni's and the struggle of Islam to crush and overthrow Christianity and Judeism. Islam is a violent religion.

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