Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Observations on the Passing Parade

This is a quote from the StraightRight blog that I think makes some very valid points.

Wow! These liberals are still in a tizzy over the election. I think I am correct in assuming that the schools are fast becoming one of the last places that liberals hold with a strangling grip. Whenever they go around spewing their ideology to anyone other than students, they end up losing elections. Then, they blame it on how stupid the majority of voters are. When they aren’t indoctrinating another generation of idealistic, impressionable youth, they are out preaching to the only people left who are holding on to the failed liberal policies that have been tried since the sixties. These folks usually consist primarily of, but not restricted to drug users, welfare recipients, unskilled immigrant workers, illegal immigrant workers, convicted criminals, angry feminists, homosexuals, angry homosexuals, anti-Semites, and aging Marxists who still where berets and go around at peace rallies calling one another “comrade.”

I know I keep saying it, but more and more I am realizing that the fundamental difference between my professors and me is that both my worldview and political beliefs have changed since I was twenty years old. These people are still clinging to the defining period of their life. Perhaps it’s time to move on. The movement is dead.

First, I think the extreme liberals, the ones who are talking secession, moving to Canada, Jesusland, and those who feel the electorate is simply too stupid to vote properly, are losing ground very rapidly and the more strident they become the faster they are moving into irrelevancy. A look at the county map shows that the concentration of Kerry voters were centered in the large urban areas -- which consist primarily of people who understand that McDonald's is evil and a demonstration of American Imperialism, that Global Warming is a fact even though there is no empirical evidence, that food comes from the supermarket, that oil companies are in control of the administration, that corporations are evil and exploitive, and that employment is the responsibility of the government and not businesses -- which are evil. The reality is that most of the people in these urban areas have little to no concept of business or economics and certainly few critical thinking skills. These are the people who think that the government is responsible for their welfare and income. They don't understand that the government exists on taxes -- which to their way of thinking is -- or should be -- a way of penalizing the rich and redistributing their wealth to the lazy, uneducated, homeless, drug user.

The second point is that the liberal camp seems to have seized control of the University system in this country. The reference to the cute little beret's, peace marches, and references to "comrade" is fairly accurate. Most of the Universities like Harvard, Berkely, and Univ. of Michigan are virtually under the control of these left over Marxists and Flower Children. It is worth noting that the way it works in these Universities is that in order to teach you must have a PhD and that most of the PhD's started school in Kindergarten and went striaght through to professorships without ever having stepped into the real world. Hence they have retained their unsophisticated and theoretical view of the world, economics, and the workplace. What is needed is a complete revamping of the university system so that no professor is hired until they have spent at least 5 years in a profit oriented enterprise. Until this happens the universities will continue to be propaganda mills.

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