Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Seppuku and the Democratic Party

I am watching in amazement as the Democratic Party continues its systematic destruction at the hands of the extreme left while the REAL members of the Democratic Party sit idly by and do nothing. In the meantime we are listening to the outrageous statements by Bill Maher, Michael Moore, and the nitwits at the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times. We hear that beacon of intelligence - Michael Moore - refer to "The United States of Canada" and "JesusLand" while no one who truly represents the Democratic Party repudiates either Michael Moore or his derisive comments. Does anyone in the Democratic Party actually think that calling the majority of Americans stupid or sarcastically referring to their homes as "Jesusland" will gain them respect or support? We hear talks of secession coming from these ideologues who act like they really speak for the Democratic Party while the actual Party Representatives remain silent. Surely someone as intelligent as President Clinton knows that these comments and insults are destructive to the party as a whole and if these extreme leftists are not silenced the next congressional elections will move the Democratic Party further into irrelevancy. This is not healthy for the country.

While I am conservative I am really right of center and truly believe that the country needs both parties to stay strong.There is talk that Michael Moore's propaganda film will be nominated for an Academy Award as "Best Picture" or "Best Documentary", even though it is a far cry from a worthy artistic work and certainly not a documentary. Perhaps the Academy will create a new award for "Trashamentary", but I digress. If Hollywood actually nominates this piece of propaganda there will be an outcry that will stun Hollywood and could possibly have an enormous impact on their industry. The fact is that people like Bill Maher, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, George Clooney, Barbara Streisand, and the rest of the left wing in Hollywood have zero credibility. They act like their opinion matters when most of the country recognizes that these are people who put on make-up and pretend to be people who are even more trashy than they are. These are not people who have or display any moral code. They are in fact people who have multiple divorces, take drugs, accept drugs as normal, are irreligious, and do not display any substantial intelligence. The vast majority of Americans see them for what they are - flashy trivialities. While they are entitled to their opinion they are no more intelligent than the people whom they deride and in many cases they are a great deal less intelligent. The reality is that these people are not only hurting their own careers but their outrageous comments and conduct are actually damaging the causes they support and the Democratic Party in general.

Furthermore there seems to be some misunderstanding regarding the actual vote for Kerry. The Democrats are taking the position that President Bush does not have a mandate since he only got 51% of the vote while Kerry got 48%. This is not supported by the exit polls which show that the President got 51%, Not Bush got 33%, and Kerry got about 15% -- not much of a commitment to anything other than hatred. So the question is "why do these extremists have such a visceral hatred of President Bush?" This isn't an easy question to answer but this is a quote from another source that I think hints at the fundamental reason.

"They don't think the country is necessarily going in the wrong direction; but rather, liberals feel as if they have been abandoned by those entrusted with taking care of them"

This may actually lie at the root of this vehement hatred of President Bush and that is his rock hard belief in:"
Individual Responsibility"
Education is more important than personal self-esteem"
Education leads to employment while ignorance leads to welfare"
God is real and morality and ethics are important"
Practice what you preach"
Capitalism is better than Socialism"
The Government does not owe anyone a living"
America First

When you look at this list of Presidential characteristics you begin to understand why the liberals are so hysterical over President Bush and his re-election. Consider that he is overtly religious while most of the liberals and their activist judges are moving Heaven (no irony or pun) and Earth to stamp out God. He believes in capitalism and personal responsibility while the liberals believe in Socialism and the government's responsibility to provide entitlements and handouts to illegal immigrants, homeless drug addicts, third generation welfare recipients, and the necessity for a world government. Worst of all President Bush has taken action to protect American interests without international approval and he continues to ignore world opinion when he makes decisions. However, when you look at these liberal positions the actual Democratic Party is much less extreme. Senators Biden, Schumer, Lieberman, et al, disagree with many things that President Bush stands for but they are far right of the extreme left wing that is speaking for them and actually hurting the Democratic Party. It is past time for the Democratic Party leadership to speak out and to repudiate these people before it is too late because if they fail to regain control of their party they will lose control of Congress. A failure to act-and act soon-- will be tantamount to committing suicide and the Republicans will have an increasing majority and greater role in national politics for a long time to come.

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