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Forecasts and Past Observations

Periodically I review what I have written and sometimes I am surprised at what I have forecasted or described. In this case this is an excerpt from a larger series of comments and observations that I did for Madonna University in 1993. I think my comments are still timely and some of what I have described seems to be coming true. The acceptance of same sex couples seems to have grown and this in turn seems to have reduced the expectation that an executive should have a wife or husband. The rampant racism inherent in the civil rights movement seems to be coming under increased pressure and more and more people see organizations like the NAACP as racist and counter productive. Affirmative action is under attack and is gradually being repealed -- which demonstrates that racial divisions are eroding and that preferential treatment of blacks is eroding the progress they have made. The acceptance of women in the workplace is certainly present today and many top level executives are women. While not all of this has come to pass I think many of these observations have turned out to be relatively accurate.

OCT 15, 1993
I read an article last night titled "Women In Management: The Spare Sex". For the most part this is the same tired old litany of complaint and abuse put out by the feminist movement in increasing quantities. Nevertheless, it does have some points which caused me to think about things.

"Top jobs are designed for people with wives". This is a true statement. They are also designed for people with mistresses, low morals, and a complete disregard for the feelings of others. From personal experience, I have found very few top corporate executives worthy of respect. But this is beside the point. The point is "What is the role of women in business in the future?". Will top jobs then be designed for women with "consorts" ? I think not. We owe the feminist movement our thanks for killing the business suit, for rearranging our priorities, and I think for changing the way we do business. Personally, I think we will see more and more women in top jobs, not because they are women, but because women are nurturing by nature. As our management style changes to one of team play and peer-to-peer relations, women seem to be better at this. I think families and personal priorities will come to the forefront. This means that the forced participation of wives and husbands will fall by the wayside. Why you ask ? Because many top executives will not have wives or husbands. Many will not have any consort, others will have homosexual partners. The logistics and protocols will simply become too difficult.

This same article also quotes a study of contributions made by men and women in meetings. The basis of measurement was the amount of time spent speaking. I was reminded of the sign outside of Cuyama, Calif. which states:

Founded: 1870
Population: 200
Elevation: 910
Total 2980

From the fact that the women spoke for a shorter total time, the author draws the conclusion they were intimidated and contributed less. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. You could just as easily conclude they expressed themselves better or that the subject being discussed was prostate problems. Yet I am confident the average feminist doesn't see this article and its conclusions as an insult to women, but as verification that they are abused and subjugated. This raises the question " What is the future of the feminist movement?". Again I don't know. I think the feminist movement, multi-cultural diversity, political correctness, and racism are tied very closely together and the fate of one is a harbinger for them all. Perhaps a better question might be "What is the future of the White Male ?" Personally, I am offended by much of the press, the media, and the universities and I am not alone. I think there could be a rebound effect with white males becoming much more militant. For instance are any of these institutions racist?
The White Horsemen's Association ?
The Governor Wallace Academy
The White Students Collegiate Scholarship Fund

If I substitute the word Black for White are they still racist? Is the movie "Blackmen Can't (fill in the blank)" racist ? Why are Negroes " Afro-American" and I am "White" Why aren't I "Euro-American" Why is the "Citadel" wrong for being all male while all women's colleges are necessary and needed. Why are organizations and seminars dealing with women and women's issues correct and those dealing with male issues are not ? The list can go on and on, but it leads me to the conclusion that the growing unrest among males in general and white males in particular may manifest itself in the future.

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