Thursday, March 08, 2007

Muslims and America

I once again rise to issue a warning that seems to be wasted on our politicians and all of the multi-culturalists who insist that the Muslims who are carefully referred to as "insurgents" or "Islamofascists" are in the minority. Well this "minority" should be referred to as the "silent minority" because I have yet to see any condemnation of the events in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. etc. The local Imam did come out and condemn the acts of terrorism as opposed to Islam but then he pointed out that while the terrorism was wrong it was caused by the Jews. Naturally there was no condemnation of his anti-semitism because THAT would be wrong and opposed to multi-cultural values. The reality is the Qur'an is filled with exhortations to fight all non-believers:

Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah, and those who choose disbelief fight in the cause of the transgressors; fight you, therefore against the friends of Satan, surely, the strategem of Satan is ever weak.

They would like you to reject the faith as they have done themselves, that you may be all alike; therefore, make no friends with them until they emigrate in the cause of Allah. but if they turn back (to hostility ) then capture them and kill them whereever you find them, and do not take any one of them as a friend or helper.

O you who believe! Do not take these Jews and Christians for Allies. They are allies of one to another and whoso from amongst you takes them for allies is indeed one of them. ...

There are dozens of quotes similar to these and even more damning. The point is that if you are a Muslim and are truly committed to the faith then you cannot be an American or even live in a free and democratic society without resisting that society by force. We see this in England where the Muslims are becoming evermore violent and anti-democratic. We see it in Canada where the Muslim community insists on living under Shar'ia Law. In Minnesota the cab drivers are refusing to take passengers who carry or have consumed alcohol even though it is against the local law for them to do so.

Now this morning we are greeted with the an article describing how Hassan Abujihaad, 31, of Phoenix, has been arrested as a traitor and who has provided classified military information to Islamic Terrorists. The time has long past for America to wake up and recognize we are in the midst of a Religious War -- not a secular war of freedom versus tyranny but of Christendom versus Islam -- a war that has been raging for a thousand years. Muslims are duty bound to kill all non-muslims and to take their possesions -- of course not all Muslims are "good" Muslims like all Christians are not "good" Christians but the Muslim community in general does not condemn the terrorists and many either passively or actively support them. The almost total lack of understanding by our media, officials, the ACLU, and the multiculturalists of Islam and its teachings is appalling and is actually harming us because the terroists rely on this ignorance. They use our very freedoms and morality against us. A Muslim's first loyalty is to Islam, not some secular or national authority and this is a point which Westerners simply fail to grasp. Given a situation where the Muslim must choose between government and Islam, Islam wins and to this point I offer the recent arrest of former Sailor Hassan Abujihaad.

This man is a traitor and should be shot but punishment for traitors is no longer death but imprisonment regardless of the damage they may have caused. Here is a man who provided iinformation on American Fleet positions, their susceptibility to attack, and suggestions on how to attack them. He did not act alone but in concert with an international Islamic organization dedicated to the destruction of America as well as all non-Islamic people and states. Among his co-conspirators was Derrick Shareef of Chicago another Muslim who we would view as an American but who would undoubtedly view himself as a Muslim living in America. THESE PEOPLE DO NOT RECOGNIZE THE SUPERIORITY OF THE STATE OVER THE RELIGION. Nevertheless we continue to hear apologists point out that not all Muslims are radical nor do they support terrorism. Well that may be but then they do not actively oppose it either do they? Where is the hue and cry? How many send dollars to Muslim front organizations or to their relatives who pass it on to the terrorists? We are under threat domestically but instead of recognizing this threat and working to quash it, we find the ACLU and other left wing organizations working to thwart efforts to identify, arrest, and imprison these Muslims.

We need to wake up an recognize we are being inflitrated. We now have a congressman who is a Muslim and what was his first act? To complain about the Bible and to insist on taking the oath on the Qur'an. Not a terribly bad thing but it is the camel's nose, just as the Cab drivers in Minnesota are a first step in the Islamic Drive to install Shar'ia Law. We find Christian symbols being stripped from all buildings both public and private for fear of offending Muslims. No one seems to recognize that Bibles are forbidden in all Muslim countries and the possession of one in Saudi Arabia could bring death. The Muslims demand equality and freedom of religion but are not willing to provide it for others. This is a religious war and right now we are losing through ignorance and a refusal to recognize the threat.

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