Saturday, March 24, 2007

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The battle over Global Warming rages on but with little input from any scientist and certainly no scientist who disputes the entire concept. The reality is that much like the Rachel Carson "Silent Spring" hoax Global Warming is shaping up to be another. The famed "hockey stick" graph that purports to show the rapid grow in warming over the last century seems to be "a misinterpretation" of the data. Using the data used in creating the "hockey stick" graph other scientists were unable to get the same result. It is clear that during the Mesozoic the average temperature was 6 degrees warmer than today. The same is true during the middle ages when the average temperature was warmer than today.

The reality seems to be that Al Gore, the extreme left, and the usual gaggle of "environmentalists" are dtermined to implement the Kyoto Treaty without going through the process of getting approval. Instead they intend to panic the media and the uneducated (if hat isn't a redundancy) into demanding draconian action against the industrialized world and America in particular. They wish to reduce carbon emissions and Gore (the man who invented the internet) and that tower of intellectual strength HRH Prince Charles, are on a crusade to reduce the "carbon footprint" of mankind.

It probably comes as a shock to Gore and the Prince but virtually every living thing on the planet is carbon based. The atmosphere is composed primarily of Oxygen, Nitrogen, and several other gases including CO2. Of course carbon dioxide is actually carbon and oxygen twso of the most plentiful elements on Earth. The Encyclopedia Brintannica states that Earth's Atmoshere includes .03% of CO2. Of this small amount 57% comes from evaporation from the oceans, 38% comes from animals and rotting vegetation, and the remaining 5% comes from mankind. So of the .03% of the CO2 in the atmosphere .0015% comes from mankind.

Of course the argument then becomes that it isn't about the AMOUNT but about the LAYER of CO2 that traps the heat on the Earth. But then the reflective nature of this layer is ignored just as all other evidence to the contrary of the popular (but unscientific) view of Global Warming.

Live Search: global warming, rebuttal

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