Thursday, May 21, 2015

Entropy And The Big Bang

Science today is faced with challenges in all areas but perhaps the area with the most challenge is Cosmology.  Just exactly how did the universe come to be?  Just how did life begin?  What was the first cause?   These are difficult questions and the reality is that how everything we see every day came to be is actually inexplicable even though scientists and atheists try to make it otherwise.  Mathematically it is impossible for DNA to occur randomly and DNA is necessary for life – any life.  This means that even the humble pond scum from which we are all descended according to science, could not have been a random creation.  But this is only part of the problem faced by scientists who are seeking an answer without accepting even the possibility of God’s existence or intelligent design.  The concept of the Big Bang has been a popular answer to the question of how everything started but even that theory ignores the question of “First Cause”.  
Still if we accept the Big Bang as a starting point, ignoring the obvious questions about space itself and the origin of that primordial spec of energy and accept that at some point there was a sudden expansion of heat and energy we are immediately faced with some interesting questions based on science or at least what scientists think is true.  The first question is “heat” because science tells us that this expansion of energy created enormous heat, many times the heat of the sun plus light. 

 Heat is generated by the movement of particles, but particles didn’t yet exist because they must have mass to exist and there was only a release of energy.  Now we know – at least technically – that subatomic particles do exist and these appear to be pure energy so perhaps it was these particles that generated that incredible heat.  But that brings us to the second problem and that is Entropy.  We find that Entropy is defined thus:

Entropy is a law of nature in which everything slowly goes into disorder.

The actual law of Entropy is more complicated and deals with atoms and uncertainty but at the Big Bang these things didn’t exist.  But some how all of this sudden energy began to divide and subdivide into the various forms of energy, take on mass and began to coalesce into electrons, protons, and neutrons meaning that chaos became organized.  Exactly how this chaos organized itself is a little unclear.  Of course light itself is a little strange since it acts as a wave and / or a particle but current thinking is that light has no mass when at rest but assumes mass when in motion   So perhaps that is how the energetic particles that make up the universe acquired the mass necessary for gravity and the other forces to act on them leading to the reverse entropy

But as we know observe the universe in its current state we do not see new suns and planets being formed, what we see is Entropy in action as stars and everything else in the universe slowly changing, eroding, and moving back into chaos.  But this isn’t the only strange thing about the Big Bang, which we are told created space itself and that raises the question of where did that primordial spec of energy come from in the first place?   Modern science is postulating many theories regarding this question but on close inspection these theories really beg the question and don’t actually answer it.

This brings us to the question of Mass.  Our universe is Mass oriented and Einstein demonstrated that Mass is constrained by the speed of light.  So where did the mass come from?  All of the particles that make up our existence have mass but were created after the Big Bang  At the instant of creation all of this energy and subsequent particles were limited by the speed of light.  We know that some forms of energy operate at light speed but not all particles and certainly not those mass oriented things we can observe every day.  We can then conclude that at some point all of the energy generated at the Big Bang slowed and coalesced into mass and our observable universe.

Where we are at this point is that no one really knows the first cause but apparently there was a sudden expansion of energy but why or how is a mystery.  Contrary to the Law of Entropy this energy organized itself into our known universe, which is now following the Law of Entropy and slowly declining into chaos.  It is known that everything in the universe is composed of identical electrons, protons, and neutrons, but why and how some organized themselves into living things is unknown.  How life came to be is unknown but what is known is that it requires DNA and that cannot be formed randomly.  But scientists are convinced that God does not exist and our universe was a random event whose beginning they can only hypothesize.

Friday, May 08, 2015

White Privilege

Recently I have been attacked by various liberals as being the product of “White Privilege” as the root cause of my “insensitivity”.    My insensitivity of course seems to be related to my expectation that people should be held accountable for their actions and that those actions can and do have consequences.  However, none of these liberals have ever  defined or illustrated exactly what they mean by “White Privilege”, but this morning some liberal college professor was kind enough to define this term, and to my horror I found that indeed I am a product of White Privilege.

It seems my parents were married to each other through out the life and childhood of myself and my brothers so we all have the same father, this is one of the many “privileges” I enjoyed.  My brothers and I from the age of 8 had to go every morning – rain or shine – to the neighboring farmer and get fresh milk; this was in addition to our other chores, like making our beds, setting the table, lawn and yard duties, and various other routine chores.  After age 14 we were expected to get a job because “work” was one of those privileges that would set us apart and prepare us for our future.   But of course my parents worked at jobs that today are called “blue collar” and set an example that work is what is expected and is an end in itself.  In effect work is a “privilege”.  They never got any assistance from the government and would have been humiliated had they had to accept charity, which is how they viewed “government assistance”.  Charity and government assistance would have negated the white privileges they were trying to provide to my brothers and me.

My brothers and I went to school everyday and at various times that required walking to school in both fair and foul weather and I arrived at school on more than one occasion soaked to the skin.  My parents were unsympathetic and did not blame the school or God for soaking me to the skin; it was the schooling that was important.  My brothers and I went to school everyday unless we were sick and being sick meant there was no faking it – unless there was a fever or vomit or bumps – we went and this was the rule through grade 12.  But this was where the white privilege thing kicked in because with a high school diploma in hand we were given some options – we could join the military, get a job – really a trade to guarantee our future, or college.  These were the white privileges we enjoyed at age 17 and all in their own way involved work and personal responsibility.

I chose to go to college which meant that I had to find a way to pay for this privilege.  This entailed working all summer full time and part time in school.  Fortunately I joined ROTC and their stipend helped a great deal but of course the price was active military service – as an officer.  This certainly demonstrated that I was a direct product of white privilege, because no under privileged person could ever be an officer – or at least that is what the liberal establishment would have you believe.  The fact that my first commanding officer was Black doesn’t count or even hint at the possibility that some one other than a white could enjoy any of the White Privileges that I had.

But let’s review not what I did to enjoy all of the privileges of my white ethnicity.  I had parents who were married and set an example of personal responsibility and provided me a disciplined and structured childhood.  What I did was go to school every day, stay out of trouble in school.  I did not skip school or disrespect the teachers who were trying to help me.  I did not cheat or fail my classes, I studied my lessons.  I picked friends who were similar and did not steal or vandalize school property. In effect I was enjoying all of the privileges of being a responsible youth who happened to be white.

But what did I do personally to give me these white privileges other than being born white?  I did not do drugs or sell drugs.  I did not abuse alcohol.  I did not indulge in promiscuous sex or get one or more girls pregnant before or after high school graduation.  I did not go to prison for rape, theft, murder, or any number of felonies that separate me from those who do not enjoy white privileges.

But why exactly are my life events called “White Privilege”?  I submit that parallels to my life can be found in every ethnic group and are not limited to Caucasians.  In fact many Asian, Black, and Indian families have sons and daughters whose accomplishments exceed those of Caucasian families.  So this is a term used by the Liberal establishment to excuse those people who have become dependent on government handouts, who fail to work, who have no skills, who have a sense of entitlement that they shouldn’t have to work and have no accountability or responsibility for their plight.   The Liberals and their “War on Povery” have created this Plantation environment which they now want to shift their guilt and the blame onto those who don’t buy into their programs of guilt.  The very term “White Privilege” is a racist term and it would never be applied to any other ethnic group. White Privilege is a fiction and at its core racist.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Revenge of the Donuts

Yesterday I had to drop off prescriptions at the pharmacy and wait for them to be filled.  So I thought I would take advantage of this opportunity to have a coffee and donuts while I waited.  So I bought a (large) vanilla frosted donut and a (also large) maple frosted donut that turned out to be a cinnamon roll and a cup of coffee.  Things were going as planned but when I sat down to enjoy my treat things went off the rails.  It seems unnoticed by me my vanilla frosted donut had frosting all over the side I didn't see.  So when I reached in to my bag I immediately got frosting all over my hand.  So I quickly switched hands and began licking the frosting off of my fingers without realizing I now had frosting on my other hand and the coffee cup (that little paper sleeve you get from Starbucks).  I tried eating from the over frosted side only to get frosting all over my face so I looked like one of those "Got Milk" advertisements gone bad. I managed to finish the donut and licked my fingers more or less free of vanilla frosting.  Undaunted I retrieved my Maple donut and bit into it and discovered it was cinnamon roll.  But the frosting didn't seem to be adhering to the roll. So as soon as I bit into it the frosting slipped over the side and all over my fingers and hand -- I mean ALL OVER my hand -- all fingers and even the back of my hand.  This was an emergency so I tried eating it as quickly as I could before the frosting completely covered my hand.  As I struggled with my coffee and this ongoing disaster I heard a soft "plop".  I looked down and OMG -- a huge glob of frosting had slithered off of my roll and onto the floor between my feet.   I sprung into action throwing away what was left of the offending roll and taking those little wax paper things that came with the donuts and tried wiping up this pile of frosting -- only succeeding in making it larger without out actually picking it up.  HELLO -- why did you think they use wax paper with the donuts??  I did get a napkin from the cashier and more or less picked up the mess or least reducing it to an invisible sticky spot waiting for the next unwary customer.  At this point I took the remainder of my coffee and retired to the men's room to wash my frosting covered hands and face.  Once I was frosting free I picked up my coffee only to realize that little sleeve thingy was covered in frosting.  So I threw away the coffee and rewashed my hands.

At this point  I went back to the pharmacy to pick up my pills -- which weren't ready. So I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket to call Phyllis to tell her I would be late.  OMG -- the face of my cell phone is now covered in dry frosting. So I sprung into action and began licking the face of my cell phone to free it of the frosting.  As I am engaged in this activity I notice this nice lady sitting next to me staring at me.  I stop momentarily and told her -- "I loaded a taste driven App and I am testing it". 

To end this little saga those little buggers gave me indigestion -- thus "the Revenge of the Donuts". This may signal the end of my love affair with donuts.